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Valtti Akvabase

The best pretreatment for wood

Modern, long-lasting, waterborne protective wood pretreatment for untreated log and board surfaces. Is absorbed into the wood and improves topcoat adhesion. Slows down the impact of blue stain and dry rot and helps the entire coating system to stay clean. 

Is absorbed into wood

Valtti Akvabase is absorbed into untreated log or board surfaces just like the traditional Valtti Pohjuste Priming Oil. 


Waterborne Valtti Akvabase is pleasant to use, and the tools are easy to clean with just soap and water even in the basic conditions at the summerhouse.

Finish with any product you wish

A wooden surface treated with protective Valtti Akvabase priming oil can be treated with any water- or solvent-borne finish or paint. It is essential to apply the topcoat as soon as possible after priming.