Taika colour card

Colour and light, together create ambience. But rarely have they come together so enchantingly and mystically as in Tikkurila's Pearl Paints and Glazes, where it is as if light has been captured inside the very colour itself.

With shimmering Taika Pearl Paints and translucent Taika Glazes you can create magical spaces with dreamlike, fairytale ambiences.

Silver-based Taika Pearl Paints and Glazes produce bright, pearlescent shades, while gold-based colours create warm and spicy moods.

Taika Pearl Paint shades

Opaque Taika Pearl Paint is used as an effect on interior walls and furnishings, as well as for various objects whose appearance can be further enhanced by a pearlscent emphasis.

Taika Pearl Glaze shades

Translucent Taika Pearl Glaze is used as an effect paint on wall surfaces painted with Tikkurila acrylate paints. To obtain the most harmonious finished result, use a glaze colour close to the colour of the primer. 


Colours displayed on the screen have been produced electronically. They do not replace the real colour samples, as the perception of colour is affected by the surface and gloss of the material, as well as lighting. Always select the final colour from the colour cards in the surroundings and conditions in which the colour is going to be used.