Feelings colour chips

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Our popular Feelings colour chip selection offers an inspiring framework for selecting the colours for your home. Interior design and colour professionals have created basic styles that differ from one another and through which you can reflect your personality and test what feels right for you. It is easy to approach interior design through the style you select. Now you can use colour to decorate like a professional.

The idea of a selection of a few basic styles comes from the customer feedback we have received. It becomes easier to select colours when it is done one step at a time based on reasoning. When you begin by selecting a style that is closest to your ideas and tastes, the colour options for your decoration are easily found. 
Every style set contains nine interior design colour combinations designed by professionals. There is a total of 45 new colour chips.

What kind of decorator are you?

Read the style classifications and think about which best describes your personality.  We are not claiming that everyone will find their exact style among these options. People are not that simple, thank goodness. We all have many different personality characteristics and our tastes vary depending on the situation. You may find ideas and thoughts that describe you in several styles. The main point in our five basic styles is that they create a framework for designing your style that makes it easier to fit details into the big picture. 

Use Feelings colour chips like this:

The biggest surface on the chip is intended as the wall colour. The suggested effect colours can be used for facias, floors, carpets, curtains and smaller details. If you wish to keep a particular favourite object as part of the decoration, you can use it as the basis and use it to find the suitable wall colour and other decoration colours from the colour chip. Remember that the colours on the screeen are indicative. Always check the colours from the Feelings colour chips and in the lighting where they will be used.

The Feelings colours are available in Tikkurila's interior paints.

Feelings colour chips

Check the colour values by clicking on the them.

The Sensitive Dreamer

You are an optimistic home-body, the colours that are closest to your heart are pastels, vivid combinations of cold and warm colours and delicious cotton candy and ice-cream colours. Social networks are important to you and the happy sounds of people spending time together often fill your home as your family, relatives of all ages and friends gather to enjoy small celebrations in daily life. Like your home, your personality is baroque but still organised. Flowers, candles, abundant textiles and beloved ornaments create in your home an air of old-time country romanticism reminiscent of a villa. 

The Authenticity Seeker 

You are a philosophising contemplator that finds experiences in nature, the authenticity of its materials and the warm muted scale of colours. You make choices on the terms of the environment and climate, and you appreciate reliable quality. Even though you are aware of brands and materials, your style is deliberately care-free. It is important for you to cherish your mental balance and physical wellbeing. You value handicrafts and uniquely produced objects. These values also characterise your home, where you collect things that pull on your heartstrings.

The Modern Simplifier

You are both a friend of classical style and an embracer of novelties. You like cool, muted colours and strong effects. The Scandinavian simplicity and rustic beauty of urban milieus are combined in your decorative choices. New technology and top design are a self-evident part of your home. You are career person for whom your home is also a social area. You deliberately make high-quality and long-lasting choices because they are an investment and a question of attitude for you. Your style is architecturally controlled and clear-lined, even ascetical.

The Creative Adventurer 

You love surprises and colourful experiences. The abundant style in your home varies based on your feelings and intuition. Its multi-level look exudes ethnic influences, the spicy atmosphere of bazaars, sensitive self-knowledge and open-minded colour choices. You contemplate the effects your choices have on the future and you question the familiar scheme of things. You interpret and combine meanings, and update inherited, recycled and new things in a personal manner. You adopt new trends before others or create your own trends.

The Selective Bon Vivant

You know what you want and you are ready to pay for quality. Your taste is far from conventional and you may order anything you cannot find ready-made. Your bohemian outlook is also polished and refined. You like deep, dramatic colours, metal finishes and the sheen of silk and metal as well as pearly lustre. You can combine different influences in decoration with an infallible sense of style and you enjoy your personal environment as much as you like presenting it to others.


Colours displayed on the screen have been produced electronically. They do not replace the real colour samples, as the perception of colour is affected by the surface and gloss of the material, as well as lighting. Always select the final colour from the colour cards in the surroundings and conditions in which the colour is going to be used.