Colour cards in which the colour appears

Base paint: A

The colours displayed on screen have been produced electronically. They are not a substitute for real colour samples, because our perception of colour is affected by the finish of the material, gloss, lighting conditions, and other factors. Always choose the final colour using standard colour cards available from your retailer. Remember the surroundings and conditions for which you are choosing the colour.

Y value: 76 *

RGB values: 243, 220, 192 (F3DCC0)

LAB values: 89.94, 4.54, 16.50

Exact NCS shade: 0710-Y32R

Nearest shade as per the NCS standard: S 0510-Y30R

* The hue value is the amount of light reflected by the paint surface as a percentage. The value for black is 0% and for white 100%. The smaller the hue value for a product, the higher it's temperature may rise in direct sunlight. The rise in surface temperature may haste the aging process of the paint and cause thermal effects in the base material. Especially in thermal insulation it is recommended to use products that have a hue value of at least 20%.