Colour cards for exterior painting

Choosing colours from colour card

Colour is in relation to its surroundings and its integral part. Therefore, it is important to look at the colour in the light where it comes. Colour is always in relation to the surrounding world - its lighting and other coloured surfaces. Light and shadow variations change the colour perception constantly. Also, the surface roughness or smoothness affect colour perception.  

Tikkurila's colour cards are made with real colour card paint

The colour samples in colour cards are normally semi-matt. When producing colour cards the colour standard is tinted in colour card paint with tiinting technology.  When the same tinting system is used in producing the colour standard and colour card,  the colour sample in the colour card is as close to the painted surface colour as technically possible. Tikkurila Color Service laboratory always approves the colours by checking them under illuminant D65 in standardized conditions.

Own colour cards for exterior painting

There are colour cards for both interior and exterior painting. In exterior colour card collections we have taken into account the colour retention and stability in weathering,  cultural preferences as well as the suitability of tinting systems for various binder types.  Therefore we recommend that exterior colour cards are always used in choosing a colour for exterior painting.  

The choice of interior colours is considerably wider than the one of exterior colours. There is no weather stress in indoor painting and the pigment choice is therefore higher. Binders used in interior paints are all more or less of the same type, so consequently there are less chemical restrictions than in exterior paints

Observe lighting

When selecting exterior colours, the colour sample should be viewed outside in natural light and in vertical position. We recommend to paint a square shaped test area.  Outdoors the colour sample often appears more light and blue than indoors. Especially exterior colour against the white background of the colour card appears considerably darker than in the right environment. 

Also, the season and time of day affect colour perception,  so in the evening twilight and in the bright light of the morning, the facade looks completely different. On the other hand the black and white of the winter or the summer greenery may change the color sensation greatly. 


Colours displayed on the screen have been produced electronically. They do not replace the real colour samples, as the perception of colour is affected by the surface and gloss of the material, as well as lighting. Always select the final colour from the colour cards in the surroundings and conditions in which the colour is going to be used.  

Colour cards for exterior painting